Why Recycle?

We live in a throw-away society with planned obsolescence and disposable, over-packaged products. For too long people have behaved as if the Earth’s resources are infinite, without thinking about the consequences.

There is an urgent need to change the way we think about waste, you cannot throw things away – it all goes somewhere – there has become an increasing awareness that the planet’s resources are finite and that our attitudes towards waste have a huge impact on the natural environment.

  • Resource efficiency makes financial sense, as it leads to lower costs and better profit margins.
  • Recycling conserves the Earth’s natural resources. It also helps protect natural habitats.
  • Recycling reduces the need to send waste to landfill. Harmful chemicals and greenhouse gasses are released from rubbish in landfill sites.
  • Recycling saves energy. Making products from raw materials not only uses more energy but also costs more than if they were made from recycled products.
  • The UK is running out of landfill capacity. 57 million tonnes of rubbish, including industrial waste, are being disposed in landfill sites each year.
  • During small business recycling trials, over a third of businesses said recycling had improved their reputation within the local community.

Fortress is committed to the goal of zero waste of resources. Click here to find out our range of recycling services.

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