Residual Waste

Rear End Loaders

Commercial Waste Collection.

This service is ideal for small volume light weight compactable material at locations where space is limited. The containers are emptied at least once per week but more frequent collections can be arranged to suit individual customer requirements.

The containers are lockable and are easily moved on castor wheels. Collections are ticketless but recorded electronically by the collection vehicle via a microchip embedded into the container, this enables us to monitor container collection activity and thereby provide a second to none service for our customers.

Containers can be supplied in a variety of sizes to suit all types of waste volumes. All dimensions are available below.

Container Dimensions

Litres Metres Metres Metres
240 1.07 0.72 0.58
360 1.09 0.86 0.53
660 1.22 0.78 1.38
1100 1.36 1.07 1.37

Front End Loaders

Commercial Waste Collection.

This service is ideal for medium volume light weight compactable material to be collected at least once per week but more frequent collections can be arranged to suit individual customer requirements.

The containers are lockable and made of steel with durable easy to use plastic lids. They come in a variety of sizes to suit all types of waste volumes. The containers are predominately static on site; however they are easily moved with the aid of a fork lift truck. Scheduled ticketless collections are very quick, and cause minimal disruption to the working day. All dimensions are available below:

Front End Loading Container & Vehicle Dimensions

Container Size Length Width Height Container Handling
3.06 cu.m(4 cu yds) 1.29m 1.83m 1.70m On Skids
4.59 cu.m(6 cu yds) 1.67m 1.83m 1.98m On Skids
6.12 cu.m(8 cu yds) 2.13m 1.83m 1.98m On Skids
32000kgs(32 ton) 10.32m(33’10”) 13.98m(45’10”) 2.43m(8’0″) 4.11m(13’6″) 6.6m(21’10”)

Skips and Bulk Carriers

Commercial Waste Collection.

Businesses that produce large volumes of bulky, heavy material would be more suited to the skip or rollonoff service.

The containers come in a variety of sizes, ranging from the average 6.1cubic meter “builders skip” to the largest 26.8 cubic meter rollonoff. This collection system requires the uplift and removal from site for emptying and this can be organised on schedule or demand frequency. Dependant on the type of material to be removed, certain container sizes would not be appropriate due to weight limitations. All dimensions are available below

Skip & Rollonoff Dimensions

Container Size Length Width Height
6.1 (cu.m)(8 cu yds) 3.50m 1.83m 1.23m
10.7 cu.m(14 cu yds) 3.96m 1.98m 1.83m
15.29 cu.m(20 cu yds) 6.10m 2.44m 1.38m
22.93 (cu.m)(30 cu yds) 6.10m 2.44m 1.98m
26.75 cu.m(35 cu yds) 6.10m 2.44m 2.29m
30.58 cu.m(40 cu yds) 6.10m 2.44m 2.59m

Compactor Containers

Commercial Waste Collection.

Large volumes of light industrial and commercial compactable waste streams are most suited to this service. The compaction system reduces your waste volume and offers the user a more convenient and cost effective waste disposal option.

  • Volume reducing – the refuse is compacted to a fraction of it’s original volume which in turn will reduce your costs and site space
  • Compaction containers are fully enclosed and more hygienic
  • Prompt and efficient waste collection and disposal to suit your requirements
  • Regular, scheduled collections
  • Guaranteed safe transportation of your waste
  • Full documentation which complies with all relevant legislation

There are generally two type of compactors, Static and Portable. Portable compactors are suited more specifically to waste streams where sealed units are preferable.


Commercial Waste Collection.

Businesses which produce volumes of waste that need to be compacted, but do not produce enough for a static compaction unit (or have the space) may look into bailing their material.

Bailing units are available from Fortress to rent over a 3 or 5 year period or purchased outright and can be used for a single waste stream or multi waste streams (ie Cardboard and Plastics)

Both types of balers are available in a range of sizes, producing small 75kg bales to Mill size 450-500kg bales.

Balers compact and self tie the material for storage and subsequent removal. Large mill size bails can be ejected onto pallets for ease of movement and loading.

Call freephone 0800 731 3400 now to arrange your free waste audit.

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